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Women can be wacky


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The definition of a woman is very complicated. Women tend to deal things differently than most men do. In most of time girls search for a Sexual Encounters but they wait the right opportunity. We want to stay busy in our emotional roller coaster ride but still not be hurt, we want to have everything thing in the world but would still say that something is missing in our lives. Women would want to lead a relationship but at the same time want men to dominate. So there is no single rule which women follow and we just want to feel free but protected at the same time. This uncertain attitude of women has cost relationships. A relationship can be of a man and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, but for women a relationship can be a rope around the neck at times.When we are in relationship we dream of being with the perfect man on the face of this earth. But if we look women now or women way back, we tend to cheat in a relationship. Yes, this may sound ugly, rude and cheap, but this is how we are. Now the question arises why we tend to cheat. There are endless reasons. We want a man who respects us in every way possible. When men behave as if they have no care in the world, that makes our fear hormones trigger. All we do is search for a safety net. When our protection is hampered by the ego of men we want to run for warmth and we make sure that before the man goes all cold and harsh, we already have a cushion to fall back on. This is a case in a boyfriend girlfriend relationship.Another reason why we would cheat is to create our own happy world. In a husband and wife relationship, man can get all boring and just future oriented. He might act as if we are just any regular person who must sit at home and take care of the house and children. This way we even feel the love and spark missing in a relationship. When we try harder every time and do not get it, we give up and find easy ways to attain happiness. They easy ways turn into an act called cheating. So they start to looking for the married dating sites. Yes, we start missing our college days and when the world was nothing but just fun, when boys would be best buddies and when there were no responsibilities. We would think of the male friends we use to rely on. And without even noticing we would deviate from our husband and go into a world where we would feel wanted and loved, pampered and beautiful.When at work, we would even end up falling for our job partners. As a wife it must not sound appropriate, but a man who will give us the warmth, love and encouragement we need, we would blindly follow him not caring what relationship we hold with any man. If another man tells how beautiful we look and how lucky anyone would be to have us in his life, all we do is just fall more for that man, even if we are already committed. This little spark when ignited once is hard to extinguish no matter if we are a wife or someone’s girlfriend. All we need at times is nothing more than love, warmth, pampering and the sense of being extremely special in a man’s life.Read MoreNew York Best Dating Sites